Elementary Financial Information


Elementary Financial Information 2021 - 2022

Registration Fee and Tuition Fee
Registration Fee (non-refundable)………………..$70.00
Yearly Tuition……..…..…..........……………$7,300.00
The Step Up for Students / Family Empowerment Scholarships accepted.
Tuition may be divided into 10 equal monthly payments of $690.00. The first payment is due on or before August 10, 2021. The second payment is due on or before September 10, 2021. Subsequent payments are due no later than the 10th of each month thereafter October 2021 through May 2022. Any monthly account 30 days in arrears or weekly account 15 days in arrears will have to be brought up to date in order for child to continue attending.
Consumable Book & Supply Fee - $560.00
This is may be paid in three monthly payments of $133.33 on July 1st, August 1st, and September 1st.
After September 1, 2021 the full payment is due at registration.
Standardized Testing Fee & Activity Fee - $70.00
Must be paid by October 10, 2021
Late Payment Fee of 10%
After the 10th of each month a 10% late fee will be added to Tuition and or Book & Supply Fee.